NCM 3.6V 1200mAh 2000mAh 2600mAh 2900mAh 3500mAh 18650 Motive Powerful Li-ion Battery Cell

²-30~60℃ Ultra Wide Operating Temp

²High Energy Density Up to 210Wh/Kg

²Long Cycle life>800cls NCM @1C 70%

²Safety Guaranteed & Long Running Time

²Customized C-rate & Capacity From 1.2-3.5Ah

²Green Battery Without Environmental Pollution


²Main Components: Ni, Co, Mn            

Ni: Improve the volume and energy density;Increase mileage;  Excessive material will be reduce safety.            

Co: Improve the stability and extend the life;Determine the charging and discharging speed and efficiency;  excessive cobalt will reduce capacity.            

Mn: Reduce the cost; improve the safety and stability.            


Great Performance At Low Temperature: 70%-80% capacity still remains compared with the normal battery at -20℃.            

High Energy Density: Reach to 232Wh/kg.            

Great Cycle Life: The capacity remains above 80% of original capacity after 1,000 charge and  discharge cycles.            


Main Applications            

² Electric Scooters, Electric Motorcycles, Electric Tricycles and Low Speed Vehicle etc. 

² Balancing Electric Vehicles, Electric Hoverboard and Electric Wheelchairs etc.            

² Electric Vacuum Cleaner, Cleaner Robots, Electric Service Robots and AGV etc.        

² Electric Bike, Electric Mountain Bike, Electric Children Car and Electric Wheelers etc. 

² Electric Surfing Board, Cordless Eelectric Pool Cleaner, Electric Equipements etc.      

² Elderly Electric  Car, Cordless Electric Lawnmower, Cordless Power Tools etc. 

² Electric Forklift, Electric Lift Platform, Electric Sweeper and Electric Micromobility etc. 

² Solar Energy Storage, UPS, Emergency Lighting, Bluetooth Speaker and Electronics etc.

Main Parameters

 Item Name Parameter
 Material NCM
 Rated Capacity 2600mAh
 Rated Voltage 3.6V
 Operating Voltage 2.65-4.2V
 Rated Discharging Rate 3C
 Charging Voltage 4.2V
 Cycle Life ≥800cls(@70%)
 Internal Resistance ≤ 25mΩ
 Shipment Capacity 20%-45% SOC
 Energy Density ≥200Wh/kg
 Weight 40mg±5mg
 Dimension(W*L*H) 18*18*65MM
 Certificates UL/IEC62133/BIS/KC
 Application Small Motive Power Scenarios
 The Others Optional Models
 Model Name Parameter
 JT-NCM-1200 1200mAh 3.6V 1C
 JT-NCM-2000 2000mAh 3.6V 3C/5C
 JT-NCM-2200 2200mAh 3.6V 3C/5C
 JT-NCM-2600 2600mAh 3.6V 3C/5C/10C
 JT-NCM-2900 2900mAh 3.6V 3C
 JT-NCM-3200 3200mAh 3.6V 3C
 JT-NCM-3500 3500mAh 3.6V 3C

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