Over 3500 Times Cycles Life Motive Power 3.2V 50Ah Prismatic LiFePo4 Energy Storage Battery Cell

² -20~60℃ Ultra Wide Operating Temp

² High Energy Density Up to 200Wh/Kg

² Long Cycle Life >3500 Cycles @1C 70%

² Safety Guaranteed & Long Running Time

² Customized C-rate & Capacity 1C/3C 50Ah

² Green Battery Without Environmental Pollution


²LiFePo4 Material Advantage            

① Great Safety Performance: The P-O bonds in LiFePO4 crystals are stable and difficult to decompose, and will not collapse and heat up or form aoxidizing material at high  temperature or overcharge.

② Great Performance at High Temper: The electrothermal peak can reach 350℃-500℃.

③ Light Weight and Small Volume: With the same size and capacity,a LiFePO4 battery is 2/3 of the volume  and 1/3 of the weight of a lead-acid battery .

④ Long Cycle Life: Cycle life more than 2000 times, after 500 cycles, the discharge capacity  is still greater than 95%.

⑤ Environment Friendly: Free of any heavy metals and rare metals, non-toxic (SGS certification),  pollution-free, in line with European ROHS regulations.


Main Applications            

² Electric Motorcycles, Electric Tricycles, Electric Vehicle, Electric Bus, Electric Truck, Electric Forklift, Electric Engineering Equipment, Elderly Electric Four Wheels Car, Cordless Electric Lawnmower, Electric Yacht, Electric Golfcart, Motive Lead Acid Battery Replacement and Electric Lift Platform Etc Use The Battery As Power Supply.

² Container BESS, Commercial ESS, Household ESS, Solar Energy Storage, Wind Energy Storage, UPS, Emergency Lighting, Communication Base ESS, ESS Lead Acid Battery Replacement and BESS Power Station Etc Use The Battery As Energy Storage.

Main Parameters

 Item Name Parameter
 Material LiFePo4
 Rated Capacity50Ah
 Rated Voltage 3.2V
 Operating Voltage 2.5-3.65V
 Rated Discharging Rate 3C/1C
 Charging Voltage 3.65V
 Cycle Life ≥3500cls(@70%)
 Internal Resistance ≤ 5mΩ
 Shipment Capacity 20%-45% SOC
 Energy Density ≥198Wh/kg
 Weight 1 Kg±20g
 Dimension(W*L*H) 29*119*149MM
 Certificates UL/IEC62133/BIS/KC

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