China JETECH Energy JT-ESB13-18 JT-EBB13 13S 46.8V 48V NCM 18650 21700 Cell Lithium Ion Power Battery

² -30~60℃ Ultra Wide Operating Temp

² High Energy Density Up to 230Wh/Kg

² Long Cycle Life >800 Cycles NCM@ 70%

² Safety Guaranteed & Long Running Time

² C-rate & Capacity From 3C-10C, 10.8-20Ah

² Green Battery Without Environmental Pollution

The Main Key Features

²The High Safety & Stability: Choose new A grade battery cells, sort consistent cell and integrate with high quality self-developed BMS to make battery solutions, ensure the safety, stability and long life cycles of battery.

²The High Energy Density: The higher the energy density of the battery, the more energy is stored per unit volume or weight. The energy density of NCM batteries is up to 230 Wh/Kg.

²The Good Cycling Performance: The cycle life of lithium ion is about 3000 times.

²The Long Battery Life: According to the calculation of 800 times of ternary battery circulation, a complete charge and discharge in a days can achieve a service life of 2.5 years. Even with the loss process, it can also reach more than 2 years.

²The Good Low Temperature Performance: The low-temperature and high-temperature limit of NCM lithium battery is -30℃ & 60℃, especially low-temperature discharge performance is good. 


Our Battery Main Applications            

² Electric Scooters, Electric Motorcycles, Electric Tricycles and Low Speed Vehicle etc. 

² Balancing Electric Vehicles, Electric Hoverboard and Electric Wheelchairs etc.            

² Electric Vacuum Cleaner, Cleaner Robots, Electric Service Robots and AGV etc.        

² Electric Bike, Electric Mountain Bike, Electric Children Car and Electric Wheeler etc. 

² Electric Surfing Board, Cordless Electric Pool Cleaner, Electric sharing Scooter etc.      

² Elderly Electric  Car, Cordless Electric Lawnmower, Cordless Power Tools etc. 

² Electric Forklift, Electric Lift Platform, Electric Sweeper and Electric Micro-mobility etc. 

² Solar Energy Storage, UPS, Emergency Lighting, Bluetooth Speaker and Electric toys etc.

Main Parameters

 Item Name Parameter
 Rated Power  72-1000 Wh or Customized
 Rated Capacity 2.0-30 Ah or Customized
 Rated Voltage 46.8V
 Working Voltage Range 33.8V-54.6V
 Software&Hardware BMS Balance function is optional
 Working Temp Range -20°C~60°C
 Cell Brand LG, Samsung, Panasonic, Lishen, EVE, DC, JT
 Cell Type 18650 NCM, 21700 NCM(optional)
 Structure 13S4P-13S10S OEM
 Waterproof IP54/IP65 Optoinal
 Dimension&Connector TX60, XT90 or OEM
 Max Charging &  Discharging Rate 0.5C/1C -3C, 5C pulse
 Communication Protocol Hardware, CAN, RS485,UART, All in one cable
 Certification MSDS, UN38.3, IEC62133 or UL standard
 Warranty 14 months
 Application Electric Scooter, Ebike and Robots etc
 Optional Model:

JT-EBB10-21, JT-BC201,JT-BC201-01, JT-BC201-02, JT-BC204, JT-BC204-03, JT-BC200-09, JT-BC200-10, JT-ESB02-01, JT-ESB04-01, JT-ESB06-03, JT-ESB06-10, JT-ESB07-01, JT-ESB07-03, JT-ESB10-08, JT-ESB10-13, JT-ESB10-17, JT-ESB10-18, JT-ESB10-20, JT-ESB10-21, JT-ESB10-22, JT-ESB10-23, JT-ESB10-24, JT-ESB10-25, JT-ESB10-26, JT-ESB10-27, JT-ESB10-28, JT-ESB10-29, JT-ESB10-30, JT-ESB10-31, JT-ESB10-32, JT-ESB10-33, JT-ESB10-34, JT-ESB10-37, JT-ESB10-38, 6S2P, 10S2P, 10S3P, 10S4P, 10S5P, 13S4P,13S5P, 13S6P, JT-EBB10-03, JT-EBB10-04, JT-EBB10-05, JT-EBB10-06, JT-EBB10-07, JT-EBB10-08, JT-EBB10-09, JT-EBB10-10, JT-EBB10-11, JT-EBB10-12, JT-EBB10-13, JT-EBB10-14, JT-EBB10-15, JT-EBB10-16, JT-EBB10-17, JT-EBB10-18, JT-EBB10-19, JT-EBB10-20, JT-EBB10-21, JT-EBB10-22, JT-EBB10-23, JT-EBB10-24, JT-EBB10-25, JT-EBB10-26, JT-EBB10-27, JT-EBB10-28, JT-EBB10-29, JT-EBB10-30, JT-EBB10-31, JT-EBB10-32, JT-EBB10-33, JT-EBB10-34, JT-EBB10-35, JT-EBB10-36, JT-EBB10-37, JT-EBB10-38, JT-EBB13-02, JT-EBB13-03,JT-EBB13-04, JT-EBB13-05, JT-EBB13-06, JT-EBB13-07,        JT-EBB13-08, JT-EBB13-09, JT-EBB13-10, JT-EBB13-11, JT-EBB13-12, JT-EBB13-13, JT-EBB13-14, JT-EBB13-15, JT-EBB13-16, JT-EBB13-17, JT-EBB13-18, JT-EBB13-19, JT-EBB13-20, JT-BC200-15, JT-BC200-101, JT-BC200-10, 10S2P, JT-BC206-01, 10S4P, 10S5P,13S4P, 10S3P, 13S3P, 6S2P

If you need other battery solutions, please contact us with your requests, we can provide customization serives.

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