JETECH Energy OEM ODM SKD CKD 14.4V 18V 21.6V Power Tools Lithium ion Power Battery For Dyson Bosch

² -30~60℃ Ultra Wide Operating Temp

² High Energy Density Up to 230Wh/Kg

² Long Cycle Life >800 Cycles NCM@ 70%

² Safety Guaranteed & Long Running Time

² C-rate & Capacity From 3C-10C, 4.0-10Ah

² Green Battery Without Environmental Pollution

OEM ODM CKD SKD Introduction            

JETECH energy dedicating to high quality green battery cells and solutions, almost our batteries are applied to small motive power and energy storage scenarios. With the good quality cells, advanced product design, innovative BMS technology, extensive knowledge of scenarios and experiences in battery industry, We are able to to provide “safe, economic, long cycle life, and smart” battery solutions. 

We also keep widely cooperation with world-renowned lithium-ion battery cell brands such as Samsung, LG, EVE, DC, Lishen, BAK, Ganfeng, Greatpower, CATL to provide ODM/ODM/SKD/CKD service to our client’s projects with their specific requests. Welcome to contact us to communicate about your project, we will do our best to provide best service.

The Main Key Features

²The High Safety & Stability: Choose new A grade battery cells, sort consistent cell and integrate with high quality self-developed BMS to make battery solutions, ensure the safety, stability and long life cycles of battery.

²The High Energy Density: The higher the energy density of the battery, the more energy is stored per unit volume or weight. The energy density of NCM batteries is up to 230 Wh/Kg.

²The Good Cycling Performance: The cycle life of lithium ion is about 3000 times.

²The Long Battery Life: According to the calculation of 800 times of ternary battery circulation, a complete charge and discharge in a days can achieve a service life of 2.5 years. Even with the loss process, it can also reach more than 2 years.

²The Good Low Temperature Performance: The low-temperature and high-temperature limit of NCM lithium battery is -30℃ & 60℃, especially low-temperature discharge performance is good. 


Our Battery Main Applications            

² Electric Scooters, Electric Motorcycles, Electric Tricycles and Low Speed Vehicle etc. 

² Balancing Electric Vehicles, Electric Hoverboard and Electric Wheelchairs etc.            

² Electric Vacuum Cleaner, Cleaner Robots, Electric Service Robots and AGV etc.        

² Electric Bike, Electric Mountain Bike, Electric Children Car and Electric Wheeler etc. 

² Electric Surfing Board, Cordless Electric Pool Cleaner, Electric sharing Scooter etc.      

² Elderly Electric  Car, Cordless Electric Lawnmower, Cordless Power Tools etc. 

² Electric Forklift, Electric Lift Platform, Electric Sweeper and Electric Micro-mobility etc. 

² Solar Energy Storage, UPS, Emergency Lighting, Bluetooth Speaker and Electric toys etc.

Main Parameters

 Item Name Parameter
 Rated Power OEM ODM SKD CKD
 Rated Capacity OEM ODM SKD CKD
 Rated Voltage OEM ODM SKD CKD
 Working Voltage Range OEM ODM SKD CKD
 Software&Hardware BMS Balance function is optional
 Working Temp Range -20°C~60°C
 Cell Brand LG, Samsung, Panasonic, Lishen, EVE, DC, JT, CATL etc
 Cell Type 18650 NCM, 21700 NCM, LiFePo4(optional)
 Structure OEM ODM SKD CKD
 Waterproof IP54/IP65 Optoinal
 Dimension&Connector TX60, XT90 or OEM
 Max Charging &  Discharging Rate 0.5C/1C -3C, 5C pulse
 Communication Protocol Hardware, CAN, RS485,UART, All in one cable
 Certification MSDS, UN38.3, IEC62133 or UL standard
 Warranty 14 months
 Application Depend on requests

If you need other battery solutions, please contact us with your requests, we can provide OEM ODM SKD CKD serives.

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